Forming a Corporation in the UAE

1 December 2017

Forming a corporate entity in the UAE has a number of unique advantages that businesses should consider when seeking to expand their reach to the region. Furthermore, there are a number of different ways to establish a corporate presence in the UAE, and as such business persons should familiarize themselves with the fine points of UAE corporate formation in order [...]

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UAE Labor and Employment

1 September 2017

Whether an employer or employee, labor and employment issues are bound to arise during the course of business in the UAE. Employers are primarily concerned with minimizing costs and reducing risk through the use of effective audit services and diligent representation when litigation is inevitable. Employees, on the other hand, must beware of the numerous pitfalls relating to employment in [...]

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Dispute Resolution

1 June 2017

Dispute Resolution in Free Zones & Special Economic Zones Despite the prevalence of a number of judicial systems within the UAE, there are separate dispute resolution forums that focus on the commercial disputes arising out of the free zones and special economic zones within the UAE. These “free zones” were created to attract business and investment, and as a result [...]

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UAE Courts

1 March 2017

How the Federal System and the local court systems fit together The United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not have a single court system responsible for adjudicating all disputes throughout the UAE. Rather, there are a number of different systems, each with its own subject-matter jurisdiction, geographic reach, and legal particularities.1 Generally speaking, federal courts hear all matters within federal jurisdiction, [...]

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1 January 2017

Welcome to Your Trusted Legal Resource From major corporations to individual citizens, legal issues often arise in a number of contexts, and present challenges that require the assistance of an experienced legal professional. Like most parts of the world, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) presents a complex web of laws, regulations, and domestic particularities requiring a professional with a distinctly [...]

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